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Service:Parkinson's Research Case Study 90 min. add another, change

This is for case research, in a patient-centered research design.


Treatments will use techniques that have shown evidence of benefit for others, and based on what brings you comfort, ease in movement, and a sense of empowerment. They may consist of posture and gait training exercises; Ortho-Bionomy to relieve pain and muscle tension; increased sensory awareness as you move; neurologically targeted exercises; meditation, and a home exercise program.


You may be asked to

1. Consent to participate in research and allow the information to be published (without any personal identifying information) 2. Consult with your physician more often if symptoms change. 3. Identify clear goals you would like to work towards. 4. Fill out periodic rating scales/evaluation forms of your motor and nonmotor Parkinson's-related symptoms. ("Motor"=movement, hence: balance, coordination, tremors, etc. Nonmotor includes depression, anxiety, sleep issues, sense of smell, constipation, cognitive changes, etc.) 5. Perform take home exercises to the best of your ability and report on them at subsequent sessions. Family members or support persons are welcome at sessions with the patient's consent, or to help fill out rating scales and assist with take home exercises.
Therapist: Rosi Goldsmith
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