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Service:60 min. Therapeutic, Rehab. Or MiniNeuro Assess, Treat add another, change

Neurological Massage or Therapeutic Rehabilitation Massage sessions are individually tailored to meet your needs, to provide the greatest benefit for your condition.

Neurological massage may require a Mini-Neuro Assessment with Bodywork (see listing above. It is designed to relieve stress and pain, and increase relaxation and healing from injury or trauma and support neuroplasticity and self-care for neurological conditions. Different techniques may be used for chronic or one-sided pain, emotional imbalances, head injury, whiplash, “brain fog”, memory, focus, other cognitive issues, neurological disorders, numbness, muscle weakness, post-surgery scar tissue, myofascial restrictions, tremor, or tingling/burning sensations. Please bring or wear loose and comfortable clothing. Treatments may include balance or eye exercises, selective massage and Ortho-Bionomy®, craniosacral, tension release, joint mobilization, reflexology, body mapping, breath work, or posture awareness.

Rehabilitation massage covers motor vehicle injury, insurance or other billing, with physician referral. This is designed to relieve pain, muscle guarding and spasm, increase strength, flexibility, and pain-free movement, and to return the injured areas to their full pre-injury state. It may include exercises for self-care so you can maintain or improve benefits at home between sessions. However, I can only treat the areas of your body indicated by your physician on the prescription. You are responsible to find if your insurance covers massage.

Motor vehicle injury, insurance or other billing provided, with physician referral. Sliding scale available. Please call ahead for either of these situations. This treatment is complementary to and not a substitute for medical, chiropractic, or naturopathic practitioner care or mental health services.

Therapist: Rosi Goldsmith
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