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Service:30-45min Chronic Ankle Injury Rehab add another, change

Focus area--ankles (may include feet, knees, back, up to neck). Fully clothed. Wear comfortable, loose clothing or shorts.

Focus on chronic ankle instability, CAI. Systematic, research-based treatment of CAI from sports or other injuries. CAI can develop from repeated ankle sprains, where your ankle turns under and rolls in. You might have diminished sensation, even no pain at the ankle. However, the instability can affect the leg muscles, knee, hip and low back.

Treatment includes Ortho-Bionomy®, plantar fascia massage, joint mobilization with movement, and exercises to wake up sensation, release muscle guarding compensation patterns, and retrain the muscles. There will be take home exercises to increase proprioceptive awareness and improve ankle biomechanics to prevent reinjury.

Therapist: Rosi Goldsmith
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